Hi, I’m Tarja

(It is pronounced T-ah-r-y-ah if you are wondering.)

I have this vivid memory of my dad developing photographs in the makeshift darkroom of our bathroom in Sweden. I climbed up on the toilet to see better the enlargement he had just made. The print was illuminated by yellow light and the room smelled like fix. I still have those black and white pictures my dad took of me and my sister. Those picture hold value to me because of the people in them and the memories they hold. These stories that have been handed down from my parent to me, blurring the lines between my memories and my parents.

I think that is why I love photography – I want to help people capture their own memories.

I think that is what makes wedding photography beautiful. It is not the fancy dress. It’s not the outrageous locations. It is the small quiet moments of a person gazing at the person they love.


It’s a single tear rolling down a lover’s face because they knows today their beloved will be theirs forever. Those are the moments that we cherish after the bustle of the day is gone. I love sunset pictures as much as you do, but I love them because of what the embrace signifies: a place where you feel secure, and protected, and loved.

Tell me mo about you.